Super Bowl Imbibing, Part 4 of 6

Cocktail number 4 in the series of 6 is another “in-game” cocktail that is sure to pleasure your guests. Four cocktails into the party and your guests at this point could care less about the game, and are more interested in the commercials…because let’s face it, everything at this point is funny when you’re 4 cocktails deep into your evening. One thing we failed to mention at the start of this series, is if you’re planning on throwing a party and serving drinks of this magnitude, we hope you have ample floor space and extra blankets for your guests that will be unable to drive home after your party….trust us on that!

Moving into cocktail number 4….this cocktails comes from NSBG Member and one of the Founding Fathers Chad Larson of Bradstreet Crafthouse in downtown Minneapolis inside the Graves 601 Hotel. Chad is the reigning GQ/Bombay Sapphire’s Most Inspired Bartender Minneapolis 2011 champion where he represented our regional market in Las Vegas, Nevada competing against 46 other top bartender’s in the country. Although Chad’s The Coliseum cocktail didn’t take home the national champion prize, his cocktail finished in the top 10! Today, you can find Chad behind the stick at Bradstreet Crafthouse, he has also spent time behind the bar at cocktail/bartender factory Town Talk Diner. Chad’s passion for great cocktails is showcased in this cocktail he is presenting you for your Super Bowl party. Side note for this cocktail, one of the ingredients (cinnamon tincture) has a maturation process to reach full complexity and if you don’t have this available, you can use your imagination and find a suitable replacement — the bar chef recommends the “real thing”. With that said…take it away Mr. Larson…..

The Kessel Run
1 oz. Bulliet Rye
1 oz. Dolin Sweet Vermouth
1 oz. Plantation 5 yr. Rum
1/2 oz. Green Chartreuse
*1 dash cinnamon tincture
3 dashes Angostura Bitters
Cinnamon Stick
Ice Chunk

Tools Needed:
Mixing glass (usually a glass pint), tall bar spoon, julep strainer (or hawthorne if you don’t have a julep strainer), low ball glass, 2×2 silicone ice molds or small balloons.

Combine all ingredients (sans cinnamon stick) into a mixing glass half filled with ice and stir. Stir until cold and desired dilution. Strain over ice chunk in a low ball glass. Garnish with cinnamon stick.

How to Make Cinnamon Tincture:
1 broken (length wise) stick of Ceyolon Cinnamon, infused in 4 oz. of Everclear for 6 weeks or longer. The longer it’s infused, the more intense cinnamon flavor will be. The tincture used in this recipe is a 6 month infusion. Infusion bottle can be an old bitter bottle, Fee Brother’s bottle works well because the top comes off easily and the labels come off with hot water.

How to Make Large Ice Chunks:
Many ways to accomplish large ice. 2 ways (which are the easiest) are large 2 x 2 silicone ice tray you can usually purchase from Kitchen Window in Calhoun Square in Uptown, or online anywhere. Or, go to your local thrift store and buy a package of small balloons. Fill balloon up with water and then put in glass to see how big you need them. Once you reach desired size of balloon, tie and freeze. Once frozen, rip away balloon and whaalah!

Barkeep’s Inspiration:
This cocktail is a variation of the Vieux Carre, a classic cocktail from New Orleans. The Chartreuse and cinnamon tincture add a little “heat” to the cocktail because of their higher proof than the other ingredients. Happy Imbibing!

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