NSBG Members

Bartending Members

Nick Kosevich (FF & NSBG President); co-owner of Bittercube; bar mgr Eat Street Social
Johnny Michaels (FF); co-owner Proof Drink Design; bar god for La Belle Vie and Icehouse
Pip Hanson (FF); co-owner Proof Drink Design; bar mgr Marvel Bar
Chad Larson (FF); barkeep Marin
Jeff Rogers (FF); Corporate Mixologist Southern Wine and Spirits
Jesse Held (FF); bar mgr Parlour Bar/Borough
Ira Koplowitz; co-owner Bittercube, bar celeb @ Eat Street Social
Adam Harness; barkeep Cafe Maude
Dan Oskey; co-owner Joia Soda; barkeep The Strip Club (St. Paul)
Emma Held; mgr OTG…and wife of a vagabond.
John Dyste; Sales Rep Shamrock Group
Karin Beecher; server/barkeep Butcher & the Boar
Matthew Voss; barkeep Marvel Bar
Missy Kissling; barkeep Parlour Bar/Borough
Nikki Schultz; barkeep Icehouse
Robert Jones; bar mgr/barkeep Saffron
Shawn Jones; bar mgr/barkeep Cafe Maude at Loring
Travis Holt; barkeep Rainbow
Kathryn Belknap; barkeep Millennium Hotel
Tyler Kleinow; barkeep Marvel Bar
Peder Schweigert; barkeep Marvel Bar
Ryen Goldsmith (NSBG Web Support); GM/barkeep The Sample Room
Elliot Manthey; bar mgr Cafe Maude at Loring
Ole Johnson; barkeep Red Stag
Laurel Elm; barkeep La Belle Vie
Mark Pannaralla; barkeep Brit’s Pub
Tommy Frerking; busser Brit’s Pub
Emilee Burow; barkeep Hilton
Matthew Tusing; barkeep Cafe Maude
Mark Brendale; barkeep Uptown Cafeteria
Tim Schaaf; barkeep Kieran’s Irish Pub
Jon Olson; bar mgr Icehouse
Christopher Greenfield; barkeep Saffron
Ryley Gahagan; barkeep at The Sample Room
Janell Cavanaugh; barkeep at Sushi Tango
Kris “Gigs” Gigstad; barkeep at Eat Street Social
Ben Quam (Event Operations/Logistics); mgr at OTG Management
Richy Rivera
David Hass; barkeep at Saffron
Kevin Koski; bar mgr/barkeep at Amore Victoria
Jim Vongsouvanh; barkeep at Rainbow Chinese
Jourdan Gomez; barkeep at Pouring Ribbons (New York City)
Jordan Stielow; barkeep at Bradstreet Crafthouse
Marco Zappia; barkeep/floor mgr. at Eat Street Social
Michael Nicolosi; bar mgr at Pat’s Tap
Michael Swanson; Parts Unknown
Aynsley Jones; barkeep at City Cafe (Rochester)
Joshua Augustin; barkeep at Sontes (Rochester)
Vanessa Herbst; barkeep at Ginger Hop
Matt Murphy; barkeep at Kathy’s Pub (Rochester)
Charles Morris; barkeep at City Cafe and Newt’s (Rochester)
Michael Erickson; barkeep at 300 First and The Redwood Room (Rochester)
Marietta McCollough; barkeep at Cossetta’s Italian Market and Pizzeria (St. Paul)
Chad Moreau; barkeep Parlour Bar/Borough

Brand Ambassador’s & Cocktail Enthusiast’s Members

Mellie Mroszak; TEAM Enterprises Brand Specialist
Kelly Branscomb; blogger Small Servings and cocktail enthusiast
Michael Kotek; former barkeep and now enthusiast
Randy Hanson; blogger summitsips.com and cocktail enthusiast
Jon Landers; former barkeep, now works for Summit Brewing
Stacey Clark; Jim Beam Global Brand Ambassador
Mariesa Ryan; (NSBG Treasurer), Owner The Kaizen Collective, Co-Owner ScenergyTV, cocktail enthusiast
Aaron Albee; Proprietor Just One Cocktail
Chad Swecker; Rep for JJ Taylor
Joe Falkowski; Rep for JJ Taylor
Bob Pacyga; Rep for JJ Taylor
Brion Finlay; Cocktail Enthusiast
Michael Swanson; Cocktail Enthusiast
Mat Garretson; High West Distillery
Gary Nordmark; Cocktail Enthusiast
Jeffrey Vansomeren; On-Premise Sales Rep Wirtz Beverage
Kellye Nelson; TEAM Enterprises Brand Specialist
Brant Foehl; On-Premise Channel Manager for Beam Global

Restaurant Members
The Strip Club, St. Paul
Sontes, Rochester
Eat Street Social, Minneapolis
Icehouse, Minneapolis

(FF) denotes Founding Father

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