The Motley-est Crue you'll ever know. Meet your North Star Bartender's Guild....if you dare that is.

Within the past 6 (or so) years, a cocktail movement has swept through Minneapolis and St. Paul creating a different way to imbibe. Bringing forward a culinary approach to bartending that focuses on using only the freshest ingredients, attention to the smallest detail(s), and discovering and using artisanal spirits. Thanks in part to a small group of dedicated, passionate, and borderline addicted cocktilians, the North Star Bartender’s Guild was formed in the summer of 2010.

Together with other professionals within the restaurant industry (such as bartenders, servers, distributors, distillers and enthusiasts) our non-profit organization encourages communication and collaboration that blurs the lines between each group. It also provides a platform for all to share and become a united group for the greater good of the imbibing public of the Twin Cities.

The mission for the North Star Bartender’s Guild is multi-layered, and in no particular order:

  • To establish an influential & synergistic community of bartenders within the Midwest, but specifically to the Twin Cities.
  • Increase the overall knowledge of beer, wine, spirits & cocktail production for the betterment of our craft and public enjoyment.
  • To promote awareness and a respect of our craft within the public community, through both a developed relationship with the media & an educational platform to the general populace. (a.k.a. we take pride in what we do, the cocktails we make, and the way in which we conduct ourselves behind the bar….we’re not a bunch of drink slingers)
  • To secure a relationship with Minnesota Department of Public Safety, Liquor Control Division, local and national liquor companies to advance the attainment of more specialized & artisanal spirits in their portfolios for your imbibing pleasure.
  • To promote a broad recognition of the Twin Cities premier mixology.
  • Continuing education, training and identify amateur bar professionals.
  • Community outreach programs and charity fund raising.

The real promise and purpose of the North Star Bartenders’ Guild (NSBG) is to create a forum for bartenders, suppliers, distillers and enthusiasts alike a place to meet and discuss the world of cocktails, spirits, beer and wines….for the imbibing public prosperity! Cheers and thank you for your support.

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